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Topic: 2020 Corvette VIN#001 Rolls Off Assembly Line - $3mil going to charity

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2020 Corvette VIN#001 Rolls Off Assembly Line - $3mil going to charity (1/1)
 2/3/20 6:30pm
Adam Wartell
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The first production C8 Corvette (Model year 2020) has just rolled off the Corvette Assembly Line in Bowling Green, KY, USA. It was announced Monday, February 3, 2020 via Chevrolet's Twitter account. 

According to a GM Press Release, the history-making VIN #0001 of the first mid-engine Corvette – a black-on-black 3LT with the Z51 performance package – crossed the block at the 49th Annual Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction. The winning bid of $3,000,000 was placed by Rick Hendrick, founder and CEO of Hendrick Companies.  GM will donate all the money to The Detroit Children’s Fund, a nonprofit focused on high-potential investments to provide Detroit school children the opportunity to receive an excellent education. The Detroit Children’s Fund will use the proceeds from the auction to fund comprehensive school interventions that result in academic success for kids. These interventions help great schools grow, underperforming schools improve and new schools thrive. And because great schools require strong leadership and well-trained teachers, DCF will also use the funds to recruit, develop and retain leadership and teacher talent.

Customer deliveries of the 2020 C8 Corvette are slated to begin before the end of February.

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