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Topic: Be there in person for C8 Corvette Reveal!

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Be there in person for C8 Corvette Reveal! (1/2)
 6/20/19 4:10pm
Adam Wartell
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You can be there for the reveal of the next gen C8 Chevrolet Corvette on 7/18/2019.  Thanks to an auction currently being run by the National Corvette Museum, you can get your hands on two tickets to the big reveal and "reveal expo" the next day.  Specifically, the winner will receive: "two (2) tickets (two people) to the event and includes overnight accommodations for July 18 & 19, access to both days of reveal festivities, a group lunch and tour of an area auto museum on the morning of Friday, July 19, bus transportation to and from both days of activities, and as a special gift from the Museum, an event polo only available to those on this trip."

To place your bid and try your luck, go to the C8 Reveal Tickets Auction Page

Good luck!

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Re: Be there in person for C8 Corvette Reveal! (2/2)
 6/21/19 9:17am
Black Shark
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