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Topic: CORVETTE C7 DUE IN 2012

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CORVETTE C7 DUE IN 2012 (1/4)
 8/13/09 10:43am
Adam Wartell
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From PistonHeads.com

The next generation C7 Corvette will go on sale in 2012, according to official new model strategy plans revealed by General Motors yesterday.

The C7 'Vette was never axed, in spite of GM's bankruptcy woes, but the official line until yesterday was that the project was 'on indefinite hold'.

Unfortunately the official confirmation provides few other details, other than the C7 will predictably retain its front-engine rear-drive configuration, and that production will start in April 2012 as a 2013 m/y year vehicle.

There's been loads of speculation about the new C7 of course, some of it focused around the Corvette Stingray Concept revealed at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show. This car was actually built to star in a Transformers movie, and was a design exercise 'to incorporate past design cues in a fully futuristic shape'. However, it's not unfeasible that certain elements of the Stingray design will appear in the C7, and we're showing it to you again because we've nothing else to go on! (Some reports from the US have suggested that 'thematic links' between the C7 and the Stingray Concept might include the gills around the air intake, and the fins at the rear.)

Other speculation suggests the new 'Vette will get a double-clutch rear transaxle to keep it in line with the competition, and a smaller capacity supercharged V8 to help meet emissions and economy targets. It's likely also that GM will be forced to make more extensive use of lightweight materials and high-tech build methods to keep weight down, although the car's platform is said to be an incremental development of the C6 chassis.
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CORVETTE C7 DUE IN 2012 (2/4)
 8/13/09 10:50am
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It's hard to believe the C6 is at the end of it's production life-span!

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CORVETTE C7 DUE IN 2012 (3/4)
 8/13/09 5:00pm
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does anyone have a link to some good pictures of the C7 Vette?
CORVETTE C7 DUE IN 2012 (4/4)
 8/14/09 5:21pm
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Phoenix, AZ - USA

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I own a 06 C6 Z51 and I, like everyone else here, love my vette.  But the passing of the current series to a further refinement is the Corvette legacy.  Whom among you would be bummed if you owned a cherry C1?  And they're ancient history. Quite frankly, the LS2/Z51 package, although short-lived, will be a boon in the distant future in their relative scarcity/valuation.  It's arguably the best overall value for the dollar you could own.  (I know, I know--everybody is going to get another one someday--but not me.)  I bought what I want and still want it just like the day before I got it.  So far as the C7 is concerned?   Bring it ON!    Best regards to all of you.                                                                 RayAdam Wartell2009-08-14 15:30:14
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