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Topic: New Corvette Logo for 2014 C7 Vette

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New Corvette Logo for 2014 C7 Vette (1/1)
 10/19/12 9:34am
Adam Wartell
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Chevrolet’s all-American hero, the Corvette, will debut on January 13 to the media and select buyers ahead of the Detroit Auto Show. 

When that happens, it will wear the new crossed flags badge seen here – only one of many things new to the car. 
"This all-new, seventh-generation Corvette deserved an all-new emblem," Ed Welburn, GM’s vice president of global design, said in a statement. "The new crossed flag design reflects the character of the next Corvette. The flags are much more modern, more technical and more detailed than before — underscoring the comprehensive redesign of the entire car." 
In fact, the seventh generation car will only share two parts from its predecessor: its cabin air filter and rear latch for the roof panel, which is removable. Previous reports suggest that roof panel will come as an option made of carbon fiber. 
It’s also thought to include heated and cooled seats – hopefully better ones than previous generations. The dash is also supposed to be similar to the current Cadillac XTS with a display similar to the CUE infotainment system. GM is also rumored to have finally done away with its notoriously cheap cabin buttons for more premium controls that will be closer to German interiors. 
Production will begin during the third quarter of 2013 and will be sold next year as a 2014 model. 
There are 100 tickets available as part of a fundraiser for the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky. for fans who want to attend the early unveiling in January. 
Those interested in buying one of the new Vettes should speak with a dealer early. GM announced a production gap between the two cars, saying the current generation will be halted in February, 2013 at which point customers will be able to place orders until October. 
(Source: Autoguide.com) 
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