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Topic: C6 Front Hub & Wheel bearing assembly

in Forum: C6 Driveline Components

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C6 Front Hub & Wheel bearing assembly (1/2)
 2/21/10 11:17pm
Blu Safr
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schererville, IN - USA

2006 Lemans Blue convertible - Titanium Grey Interior - Z51 handler

Joined: 12/21/2009
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I'm under my C6 for the first time today, (actually in the front and back wheel wells with the tires and wheels off) and it is more clear the front wheel bearings are not typical to "older"GM products.
Is the bearing and speed sensor one item and not user servicable?
Is it a replacement part?
From the information in the GM service manual it looks like the whole hub and speed sensor is a unit, undoubtedly available from GM only, and one does not service the bearing or any other part..... A "throw away" item???
If this is true, and it seems to be:
What is the relative cost for a front Hub, bearing and speed sensor assembly?
What is the relative service life of the assembly?
If it's not true, I'd like some input and note the GM service manual really is misleading.
My 2006 C6 has 20,000 miles and no issues but the inspection is to clean the calipers and paint the Z51 calipers Blue and also to clean and "polish" the wheel wells for the next spring outings.
My detailed inspection is to check boot conditions, tire wear and brake pad thickness and learn something....such as one wire harness is made in Mexico and the brake calipers are made in Australia, (so much for someone [other than me] claiming "made in America" just because it's assembled in Bowling Green!!  
Blu Safr
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C6 Front Hub & Wheel bearing assembly (2/2)
 2/22/10 5:25pm
Black Shark
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Joined: 2/9/2010
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Somewhere on the net I seen a tech article (last year or year before) on DIY upgrades.

The basic jist was that an upgrade could easily be done for 1/2 the price of a dealership stock replacement...but it also stated that the stock brakes were close to perfect (in an all around balance of things)...cosmetic upgrades were inexpensive and performance upgrades were very fair.
Tools and the slight amount of experience made eye-catching and functional upgrades well worth the $$$.

I didnt bookmark the article....I'll see if I can find it or where it was....for some reason I keep thinking it was a blog with detail pics of an 07....


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