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Topic: Clutch pedal assy replaced.

in Forum: C6 Driveline Components

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Clutch pedal assy replaced. (1/2)
 2/15/08 6:45pm
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New Port Richey, FL - USA

2005 Lemans Blue Coupe.

Joined: 5/24/2007
Posts: 5

They replaced my clutch pedal assembly after the "return spring" broke. I'm taking it back tommorrow as it seems to not grab as well as it did before in 1st and 2nd gear. I seem to smell something during hard acceleration....maybe it's the clutch that's not fully engaged. They said when they replaced the pedal assembly, they didn't open the hydraulic system. Could it be out of adjustment? The clutch starts to grab just a bit off the fully depressed position. I'll see if they can figure it out in the morning. Don't want to spend money for a clutch that wears out because they didn't adjust it correctly.

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Clutch pedal assy replaced. (2/2)
 3/27/09 11:50am
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Simi Valley, CA - USA

2006 datona orange convertable z51 6speed manual

Joined: 7/2/2007
Posts: 18

You shoud have couple of inches of freeplay from fully depressed clutch untill it starts to grab and about one inch play on top   so somthing was done wrong  take it back soon because you can burn a clutch really quick
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