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Topic: Clutch return spring?

in Forum: C6 Driveline Components

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Clutch return spring? (1/2)
 2/12/08 8:09am
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New Port Richey, FL - USA

2005 Lemans Blue Coupe.

Joined: 5/24/2007
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A few days ago, I noticed a piece of broken spring on the carpet beneath the clutch pedal. (2005). I took a look up there and sure enough, there was the rest of the spring attached to the clutch pedal. Car drove fine. I took it to the dealer who said it was part of the clutch pedal assembly and they would need to order one. Said it would be ok to drive until it came in. They couldn't tell me what its purpose was. The hydraulics seem to bring the pedal all the way up without a return spring. This spring didn't seem like it would offer much travel anyways. Anyone else had this spring break? What's its purpose?

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Clutch return spring? (2/2)
 3/31/10 3:35pm
Blu Safr
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schererville, IN - USA

2006 Lemans Blue convertible - Titanium Grey Interior - Z51 handler

Joined: 12/21/2009
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This happened to me as well ion a similar fashion. I found some parts on the floor...
As it turns out the spring has a varying effect on the down force and pedal return. This means it acts differently as it is moved further to the floor.
Many opinions have been shared on this forum and they too vary. My experience is, order it and install it.
It's about $12 and installing it is only complex from the standpoint of getting under the dash.
Getting under the dash and managing the pedal is troublesome. Installing the spring is real easy.
Installing the spring is easy as no tools are required. Prsssing the clutch with one arm and inserting the spring with the other permits the clutch pedal to slam into the side of your head if not blocked well or if you don't use another person to manage the pedal while you install the spring.
I drove my 2006 for a week without the spring and I found the operation of the clutch was easier and engaged smoother once the spring was installed because it provided some kind of "feel" that made it that way.
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