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Topic: tires

in Forum: C6 Driveline Components

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tires (1/2)
 3/18/20 6:39pm
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After some research, (and answers from this forum), I have decided on Michelin, (run flat), for my C6.  

Question:  Which is better; Pilot Super Sport or Sport RS?



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Re: tires (2/2)
 4/15/20 8:55pm
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, - Canada

2013 Corvette Coupe Base 1LT 1G1YE2DW8D5102517

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These tires are both excellent choices...  My understanding is that Michelin is no longer making the Super Sports and that the Sport RS is the replacement for the Super Sports.  I do not know anyone who has the Sport RS yet but some Super Sport owners complain about hydroplaning with the Super Sports.  I would go with the Sport RS just because it is a newer design, unless you can a really big discount on a set of Super Sports. 

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