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Topic: Trans

in Forum: C6 Driveline Components

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Trans (1/3)
 6/14/05 5:44pm
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Logan, UT - USA

2002 Coupe 2001 Z06

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Any new info on the 6 speed auto for the C6, maybe not for the Z06 for the others? |headscratch| |headscratch| |headscratch| |headscratch| |withstupid|
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 6/15/05 1:01pm
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Prescott, AZ - USA

60 with both tops 68 with t-tops

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Chevy is being very hush hush about it. For a number of reasons we expect it to be available soon after start up of the 2006 model year on September 9th. Some people have actually driven one at the Cruise In at Bowling Green. Basically, we will not know more until about July 27th when the dealers get 2006 info. A good leak would help.

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Trans (3/3)
 10/23/06 9:54pm
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Duncanville, TX - USA

'74 coupe '85 coupe

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The is no "Good" leak on a transmission! |laugh| |laugh| |laugh|

This is an old thread, but...the 6L60E trans is a reality. It is a pretty beefy unit, with a slightly larger diameter torque convertor. Don't count on it being in the ZO6 tho...that ain't gonna happen. It ain't quite that beefy, and, of course, the ZO6 is a manual trans car, anyway. It will be(is, now) in the Cads, and the Coupe/Conv. 'Vettes, and the GM trucks.
I'll be looking forward to you guys tearin them up, so I can fix them!!! |laugh| |laugh| |bouncy|


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