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Topic: Dead Battery in 2006 C6

in Forum: C6 Electrical

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Dead Battery in 2006 C6 (1/4)
 7/19/12 2:50pm
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Valrico, FL - USA

1971 C3 Coupe 2006 C6 SL2 Convertable

Joined: 7/15/2012
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Hi All,
First of all, thanks for the heads up on getting into my car when the battery is dead. Now a new problem, I bought the car in December 2011 and on Cristmas Day suffered from an accident that left me paralyzed!!
So I am not as familiar with her as I was with my 71 C3 and my father is trying to get her out of the garage and regretably to try and sell her!! :(
No doubt the battery was drained beyond dead, as she sat for 2.5 months in my garage with no starting to charge her. My Dad has hooked her up to another vehilce, but all she does when the key is turned is the gauges all move to negative everything. No clicking or nothing, do I need a new battery? If so, what should I buy as a suitable replacement?
Any and all help appreciated and if someone wants a good deal on a low milage (24K), Monterey Red exterior, black top and interior, convertible C6 let me know!! again :(
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Re: Dead Battery in 2006 C6 (2/4)
 7/20/12 11:26pm
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Camp Hill, PA - USA

2002 QuickSiver Convertible, 2007 LeMans Blue Coupe, 2010 Crystal Red Metallic Grand Sport Coupe (Heritage Edition). 6 Speed Manual

Joined: 4/7/2008
Posts: 46

Very sorry to hear about your accident.
I would recommend an Optimus. Their batteries are a little more expensive, but that is what I put in my 2007. You should also consider getting a Battery Tender for it as well (suggest a "Battery Tender Plus") if not going to be started and ran at least once a week.
Re: Dead Battery in 2006 C6 (3/4)
 7/31/12 2:26pm
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2007 C6 Convertible Velocity Yellow Colour Matching Rocker covers, signed by Ron Fellows

Joined: 1/25/2008
Posts: 7

Hi, you'll have to change the battery in the car.  I have an 07 C6 and accidentally let the battery drain.  It would not hold a charge after that and I had it replaced under warranty.  Then, just last winter, despite being on a battery tender, the battery dies again, and again I had it replaced under warranty.  Apparently the GM batteries are crap in that they will die and die forever - never to be charged again.

Hope that this helps.

'07 C6 Convertible Velocity Yellow 'PHINALLY'
Re: Dead Battery in 2006 C6 (4/4)
 7/31/12 6:00pm
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Supply, NC - USA

2006 Monterey Red Coupe / 2013 Night Race Blue Metallic Coupe with Cashmere Interior.

Joined: 8/29/2007
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Hi Bob;
I'm really sorry to hear about your accident and the resulting injuries.  I must be in the minority since I purchased my 2006 brand new in 2006 and have driven the car year round and currently have 54,000 miles on it.  I still have the original battery.  I've run it down twice in the 6 years and after a jump and driving it a while, it charged right up and is still working.  I don't have a suggestion for a brand, but I wish you luck in both your health and selling your Vette.
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