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Topic: Electirical gremlins

in Forum: C6 Electrical

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Electirical gremlins (1/1)
 12/6/17 12:58am
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I have 78K on my c6 2010 base coupe and last week while driving my various warning lights started activating telling to service the vehicle.  In addition my gas guage went to empty and was told to fuel up.  Finally the speedometer bagan to jump up and down.  I turned off the ingnition and all was well until a few days later when once again I had the issue.  I pulled over and tried to restart the engine.  It took several attempts but finally it started.  Yesterday when I pushed on the brake and tried the igintion button it did not respond. Finally there was a delayed engine start without pushing the button again.  Any ideas what might be ithe issue? I suspect the electronic control module is going bad.  Oh and the radio stopped working  but today all was well.
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