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Topic: Vapor smell. 2009

in Forum: C6 Fuel, Emission Control, and Exhaust Systems

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Vapor smell. 2009 (1/2)
 11/2/22 5:04pm
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I came across a video demonstrating how to remove the fuel tank on a C6 to repair the vapor leak. I have been searching the Forums for this very interesting Video and connot locate it again. Does anyone recall the Video and know where I can find it. I am experiencing a slight Vapor smell in my 09 and would like to show the Video to my Shop. Thanks a million. Chevrolet had issued a Special Coverage Adjustment--15682 Primary Tank Module Flange Fuel abd Vapor Leaks in July 2016. Unfortunately they established an arbritary time period of 10 yrs or 120000m on this adjustment. The probelm was apparently with the left hand fuel pump module. This condition could in my opinion be dangerous. Thanks for the help in locating the Video.

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Re: Vapor smell. 2009 (2/2)
 11/7/22 6:17am
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Did a web search with the keywords youtube c6 corvette fuel tank removal and a bunch popped up.  Don't know if the one you're looking for is one of them.

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