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Topic: C6 Soft Top Problem

in Forum: C6 General Discussion

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C6 Soft Top Problem (1/2)
 3/28/24 4:04pm
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I just bought a 2012 Gran Sport with an issue with the electric top. I knew there was an isue when I bought the car.


I took it to the local Chevy dealer and they have found two sensors that have failed. And the bad news is the sensor has been discountinued from GM.

The two sensors are:

GM 19120624

GM 19180913

Does anyone have a source for getting these sensors?

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Re: C6 Soft Top Problem (2/2)
 4/3/24 11:47pm
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Try looking on RockAuto - they seem to have everything.  Checking the major Corvette parts outfits would be next.


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