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Topic: Convertible boot releaseb

in Forum: C6 General Discussion

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Convertible boot releaseb (1/2)
 10/9/19 3:46pm
Standard Member
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Jarretttsville, MD - USA

2008 Crystal Red Metallic Convertible

Joined: 10/9/2019
Posts: 1

Boot will not release when pushing the power button. Have to pull cable on bottom of boot then rest of operation works fine. 

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Re: Convertible boot releaseb (2/2)
 9/22/20 11:41am
Former Member

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Ocean View, DE - USA

2013 Corvette Convertible Night Race Blue with 3LT Ebony interior

Joined: 6/28/2014
Posts: 18

Check the battery connections at the terminals. I had a similar problem this past spring for my 2013 C6. First the top wouldn't so up and then down. Turned out to be a loose (intermittent) connection at the positive post of the battery.

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