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Topic: QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/5/2023: Memory

in Forum: C6 General Discussion

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QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/5/2023: Memory (1/4)
 1/6/23 10:09am
Adam Wartell
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Eagleville, PA - USA

1979 "Corvette Red" Coupe

Joined: 5/16/2003
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What is your first memory of seeing a Corvette?

Bonus question: Is this what caused you to want to own one?

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Re: QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/5/2023 (2/4)
 1/5/23 4:38pm
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West Burke, VT - USA

SOLD - "The Toy" - '70 Convertible
SOLD - "The Beast" - '90 ZR-1 (#682)
SOLD - "Betty" - '28 Ford Model A Tudor
Still have - "BLKBRRD" - '78 Pontiac Trans Am

Joined: 5/16/2003
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I honestly can't remember when I first saw a Corvette.  I do remember my first ride in one tho'.  I was 14 and it was in a brand spanking new '66 BIG block convertible with side pipes and a 4 speed.  I was hooked...!!! 

Before that was the TV show Route 66 which starred a Corvette convertible (MYs '60 thru '64).  C1 and C2 years were outside my budget when looking for a fun car but the C3 years fit the budget better resulting in "The Toy" ending up in the garage.

Attending a local Corvette show was the first time I had seen a ZR-1 in person.  Wasn't a real fan of the C4s until then.  A few years later saw a ZR-1 advertised in the paper at a local car dealership.  Went and looked at it, drove it, and after several sleepless night bought it.  Wish "The Beast" was still in the garage.

Haven't been a fan of the C5 styling, but they are one of the best "bang for the buck" Corvettes, performance-wise.  My best buddy has 2 of them and after road trippin' with him a couple of times I'm beginning to soften abit on them.

A C6 will probably be the next purchase tho'.  The styling is great (imho) and the performance is there - more than enough for me.  The toughest part will be deciding which of the special editions to pick...!!!


Jim Olson 

"The Toys"...!!!  Save the Wave!

Where I've been in a Corvette...!!!

Re: QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/5/2023 (3/4)
 1/5/23 7:30pm
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Amarillo, TX - USA

2007 C6 Conv

Joined: 6/23/2007
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In a Chevrolet dealership that I had gone into see the 1955 Chevy with the wrap around windshield. In the rear corner was a white Corvette conv with the red interior! I immediately forgot the wrap around windshield. It was 12 years later that I bought my 1st Corvette.

Re: QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/5/2023: Memory (4/4)
 1/6/23 12:46pm
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Joined: 4/20/2021
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Age 13, 1954 Vet, showroom Aurora, Il. Have a 2009 and had a 1974. 


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