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Topic: Pfadt Suspension upgrade

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Pfadt Suspension upgrade (1/1)
 7/8/12 12:58am
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A year or so ago, I put a set of Pfadt Street Sway Bars on my 06 Z06.  They made a huge difference in cornering.  Much flatter through the turns w/o any downside.  Now, I added their Feather Light Coilovers and set them up as suggested for street.  Lowered the car about 5/16ths to 1/2", then got an alignment and put a couple hundred or so miles on since, including Mt. driving.  I'm very pleased thus far and have eliminated most of the dreaded Corvette hop on the bumps, which, at times, can be a little bit frightening when unexpected and your car is a couple feet to the right or left of where you thought you would be. Roads can be rough here in the west. 

Instructions were clear and thorough, and installation easy w/ a lift.  Pfadt coilovers are finely crafted, fit extremely well and recommended as a very worthy expense. Wouldn't want to install them on jackstands though. Car handles better than ever. Now if my radar worked just as well I be really psyched.Hug
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