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Topic: Shock absorber recommendations

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Shock absorber recommendations (1/1)
 3/29/21 10:07am
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I bought a 2006 convertible at the beginning of this year. It has about 50,000 miles on it. I've noticed the ride deteriorating noticeably. Even expansion strips and small road imperfections cause annoying jarring. The run flat tires don't help. I plan to change them.

Is it time to change the shocks? (I assume they are OEM). Some articles say modern shocks can go up to 100k miles. 

And what shocks do you recommend? I'm 70 years old and looking to cruise with the wife, not race. I live in Houston, TX where I can rarely drive at 7/10ths of the car's potential anyway. So ride quality is most important to me.


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