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Topic: z06 brakes

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z06 brakes (1/2)
 2/27/11 10:22am
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Milo, MO - USA

2005 C6 standard transmission, upgrade exhaust system, upgraded computer chip, upgraded air inlet system

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I would like to install the rotors and calipers off the new 2011 zo6. does anyone know what would be involved to install on my 05? I was looking at the wilwood upgrade, but went to the dealer the other day and seen the new z06 and the HUGE size and thought that it would be better to stay with GM.  I did consider the new z06 but at 90k and mine is paid for I can sink alot of money in mine over time and not go in debt 50-60 k. Is this possible? Any input?
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z06 brakes (2/2)
 2/28/11 5:13pm
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Camp Hill, PA - USA

2002 QuickSiver Convertible, 2007 LeMans Blue Coupe, 2010 Crystal Red Metallic Grand Sport Coupe (Heritage Edition). 6 Speed Manual

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I don't think you will run into any problems as the new Grand Sports are running the ZO6 brakes.
With that being said., what you will need to do is make sure that the wheels on your 05 will go over a "big" brake system.  If you are running stock wheels, I am pretty sure they will not work.  You will need to buy new wheels that will handle the bigger brake system (clearance between the wheel and the calipers). Yo need to have at least an 1/8 - 1/4 inch clearance.
Good luck.
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