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C-6 Seats (1/2)
 2/19/08 12:39pm
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Escondido, CA - USA

2005 C6 coupe in Magnetic Red

Joined: 10/5/2007
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My C-6 came with two drivers seats, with the passenger seat controls on the right side. The passenger seat is very uncomfortable for the passenger on long trips because it requires extended sitting in one position. Has anyone changed out this seat with a standard passenger seat or done some modifications to improve the comfort?? The seats in my former C-4 Corvette were extraordinarily comfortable. |cool|
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C-6 Seats (2/2)
 3/13/08 7:33am
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Aiken, SC - USA

2005 6 sp Coupe 89 Coupe

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Other than the controls, are the two seat cushions or bases different? What specifically made the passenger location uncomfortable?

I had an 89 C4 and found it to be as comfortable as my current C6. I swapped (driver to passenger and passenger to driver) my C4 seat cushions after 75,000 miles because driver left side wear patterns were becoming obvious. I left the seat bases where they were originally located. Other than the reversed wear points, I couldn't tell the difference.
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