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Topic: Engine dies

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Engine dies (1/3)
 6/9/16 6:19pm
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Cheyenne, WY - USA

Zhz C6 Coupe 2008

Joined: 6/9/2016
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Today was heading to the local Chevy dealer to ask about a letter from Chevy ...something about moving the seats forward could cause a issue with the wiring under the seat. Well I was about a mile from my house turning onto a Highway and my engine DIED!! I took it out of drive to restart it....it restarted put in in drive and went about 50 ft and Died again. Put it in Neutral started it again, continued on to the Chevy Dealer.....pulled in and put it in reverse and it Died..it died another time after restarting it!! This is crazy Been reading a few Stories about FOB's having issues that may cause everything to shut off if your FOB battery is low?? Could be something to do with the push button switch....which I had already replaced 4 years ago to match the Veh Color.
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Re: Engine dies (2/3)
 6/10/16 6:59pm
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Lake Orion, MI - USA

2005 Black Coupe Auto Trans Corsa Sport Exhaust AirRaid Intake Z06 Sway Bars

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Did it have a check engine light? Any error codes? If you can get it to an Autozone, they'll read the codes for free. The dealer will probably charge you. Could be a lot of things. Fuel filter, plugged air filter, bad gas etc.
Re: Engine dies (3/3)
 6/25/16 5:52pm
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Genoa, NV - USA

2006 C-6 Coupe, Monterrey Metallic Red

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A low FOB battery is pretty cheap to replace and can cause many "odd" symptoms.  If it happens again before you replace the FOB battery, place the FOB into the slot in the glove box.  That then over-rides the FOB battery, forcing "recognition". 

I received the same letter and, since I have been having intermittent air bag warning lights, I went in.  The checked the codes and found that there was a suspect sensor but didn't get the code pertaining to the letter.  So they charged me $140 for checking the codes!!!  I've appealed to GM.

A couple of years ago when the light came on and off I checked the wiring under the driver's seat and found a loose connection.  But the light continued to randomly come on and off.  The I replaced the car battery and the light problem stopped . . . until recently when it came on after "horsing around" on the way to get new tires.

Mine is a 2006 C-6 "vanilla" coupe.


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