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C6 Problems

Noisy Fuel pump (1/2)
 8/27/18 4:08pm
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Pocasset, MA - USA

1996 C4 Collector edition LT4 2006 C6 Conv LT2

Joined: 8/27/2018
Posts: 1

Hi all, my 2006 has all of a sudden developed a very noisy fuel pump after running on the highway. There are no other simptoms runs fine no stumbling just very noisy after running on highway. Thank you

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Re: Noisy Fuel pump (2/2)
 9/5/18 8:09am
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Simsbury, CT - USA

2011 Z06 Velocity Yellow (Katech Stage 2 #100)

Joined: 2/4/2016
Posts: 8

Sorry, don't know the answer to your question.  
I was just wondering if you know Joaquin with the modified C5 LS7 who lives in your town.