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Topic: C6 Slight Interior Observations

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C6 Slight Interior Observations (1/2)
 8/14/07 9:10pm
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Merrick, NY - USA

2007 LeMans Blue Coupe

Joined: 8/14/2007
Posts: 15

My 2007 coupe is the first for me, in 34 yrs. Having sold my last 66' vette in 1973. The whole vehicle is an experience in itself. As to the dashboard, I actually expected a more extravagant and easier to operate system. I like the NAV screen with the touch radio selections, but, the climate control area is very small and almost difficult to access at speed. I use my HUD when I'm driving and hardly check the analog dials. But, it's nice to have the speedo/tach and guages. It reminds me of yesteryear. The only thing I am not happy with is the black leather and leatherette interior. I'm constantly leaving some sort of marks on the door panel and sill. It's really annoying to have to wipe it down all the time. Other than that, I LOVE this Vette! It trims years off my mind.
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C6 Slight Interior Observations (2/2)
 10/14/08 5:10pm
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Aiken, SC - USA

2005 6 sp Coupe 89 Coupe

Joined: 8/30/2004
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I agree with your comment. The flat black is a very nice looking, and feeling, surface but don't touch or accidently brush past it. It is a very high- maintenance surface!
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