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C6 Suggestions (1/2)
 11/10/04 3:20pm
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05 Precision Red/Auto

Joined: 11/9/2004
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Couple of suggestions:
auto-up windows.
I don't like how the radio switches from am, to fm, to xm radio bands, I'd like to have a button for each.
I'd like to see a tighter fit for the door, and hood panels.
The back hatch latch needs a little work. If I don't slam it, it wont close.
I'd like to see a 5 spd automatic.

Thats about it. I'm really nitpicking, this is a great car!

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C6 Suggestions (2/2)
 12/8/04 12:31am
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Joined: 12/7/2004
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Don't slam that back hatch. Just close it. It goes now to about a 1/4 inch and push gently and it closes itself. It's supposed to work that way, try it.


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