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License Plate (3/13)
 2/14/05 11:32pm
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There was a bill to eliminate the front plate in Illinois that was sent to the rules Committe in feb. 2004. It has never even been voted on . The feedback I got was that the people at Homeland Defence were trying to get all states to go to a front & back plate so Illinois was waiting to see what was going to happen. I have e-mailed several Illinois officials about the status of the HB4345 Bill to elimininate the front plate and never got an answer from anyone.


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License Plate (4/13)
 2/17/05 5:19pm
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That's another thing that makes me mad about my '04 Grand
Prix. The '99 GP had a nice recess but this one sticks out
front like a snow plow. My '84 Corvette doesn't look too
bad with it's front plate and clear cover in place. This
issue won't go away for some time, I'm afraid. Fix the
cup holder problem then bring on a new one.
License Plate (5/13)
 10/18/05 1:02pm
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2005 C6 Datona Sunset Orange convertible w/Z-51 & 6-spd. Also have 1960 roadster w/ZZ383 crate, 9" rear (3.23 & locker) & tremac 5-spd. NCM Lifetime Member

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C6 is better looking without front plate. Motorcycles do not have front plates so any reference to traffic enforcement is just to get 2 photos with the "robo-cop" radar machines. Nevada homeland security & the DMV have not heard of any national security request for front plates. Although Nevada issues and requires front plates, the code states (as does many states) that if no provision for a front plate is made by the manufacturer, then a non-standard attachment is not required. And talking to various Corvette VP's at ALMS events reveals no future designs will consider front plates. Gotta' love that clean front end. |saluteflag|



License Plate (6/13)
 6/16/06 11:42am
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Wouldn't we all! With the great Ferrari-like grille, a license plate completely distroys the looks.

I have temporarily solved the problem by leaving the temporary registration pasted to the inside front windsheild ON and the front license OFF. From the rear, Smokey sees my plate. From the front, there is no plate but he sees my temporary registration. Not perfect, but the temporary registration is less offensive than wearing a front plate.
License Plate (7/13)
 1/7/07 4:45pm
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Everett, WA - USA

2005 Z51 Montery Red 6MN - First Corvette.

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The front plate is still at the discretion of the local states. Homeland Security is more interested on you cell phone conversations than if you have a front plate. The front plate debate is about revenue for the state (it's easier to radar you with that nice reflective plank sticking off the front).

License Plate (8/13)
 8/14/07 9:22pm
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Merrick, NY - USA

2007 LeMans Blue Coupe

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Here in NY, we're required to have a front plate. I'm not putting one on until I get my first ticket for the lack thereof. The dealer gave me a real cheap, crappy looking thing, that really destroys the look. If I get bagged, I guess I'll have to look for an after market plate holder. I hope NOT!
License Plate (9/13)
 8/21/07 12:10pm
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Baltimore, MD - USA

2006 C6 Coupe, Lemans Blue

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I live in Maryland which requires that you display a front license plate. The statute does not say that is has to be afixed to the front bumper but only displayed to be seen easily from the front of the car. I have mine attached to the passenger side sunvisor so that when it is down it can be seen. I have been stopped 3 times and ticketed once. I beat the ticket in court due to the copy of the statute my attorney researched and gave me to me. I took it to court along with pictures of the car clearly showing that the plate was visible and gave it to the judge........for once he agreed with me that was in compliance with the law. I now carry it with me and will be showing it to "The Man." I hope this is of some help to you folks..........maybe the statutes in your states are similar to Maryland.
License Plate (10/13)
 8/22/07 11:36am
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2001 Intimidator Corvette Coupe, Torch Red, 6 speed, 17K miles

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EXCELLENT! Hopefully, others will benefit from your information. On a slightly different note, I had my rear hatch tinted on my 2001 Coupe. I carry a copy of the Pennsylvania statute in the glove compartment, which references window tinting.

2001 Intimidator Coupe, 19K miles
License Plate (11/13)
 9/15/09 9:09am
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Shawnee, KS - USA

2005 Machine Silver Coupe

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I fixed the problem here in Missouri - I moved to Kansas - they dont require a front plate.
License Plate (12/13)
 9/15/09 8:28pm
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2007 C6 Convertible Velocity Yellow Colour Matching Rocker covers, signed by Ron Fellows

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Here in Ontario, Canada it is law to have a front plate.  The car came from the dealer with one of those ridiculous black holders stuck onto the nose.  A few car washes later and the thing fell off!

So, I opted to replace it with a colour matching frame holder that easily comes off to show the car.

'07 C6 Convertible Velocity Yellow 'PHINALLY'
License Plate (13/13)
 9/15/09 10:31pm
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Landing, NJ - USA

a 2009 Victory Red Coupe with a 430HP/6speed auto w/paddle shift.

Joined: 6/15/2009
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I live in New Jersey where a front plate is LAW. Ugly on a Vette. I currently don't have a front plate on. If I get stopped my excuse is that I recently had a clear bra installed on the car, and the installer told me I needed to wait a least a month before attaching plate. It has been 5 months. So if I get stopped, there is no way of telling that it was not recently installed. That will be my excuse indefinately. Hope it works.
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