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Topic: 07 C6 Auto.

in Forum: C6 Z06 Discussion

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07 C6 Auto. (1/2)
 8/2/07 11:43pm
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Joined: 7/16/2007
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I own a 07 C6 Auto. Stock,It is my first Vette. I am looking for better performance. I have never driven a Z06. My wife and I like a Auto. but we might be willing to make the change for the added performance. How good is the Z06? My other option is to get a new 08 C6 for a few more HP? I live near Bak. Ca. and performance upgrades are hard to come by around here. Whatever info you people have to share with me will be appreciated. Thanks.null |smile|
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07 C6 Auto. (2/2)
 8/28/07 8:51pm
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Mt Juliet, TN - USA

2007 Ron Fellows Z06

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The Z06 has all the performance your looking for.
If you can afford one....do it.

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