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Topic: North American Content?

in Forum: C6 Z06 Discussion

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North American Content? (1/2)
 10/13/05 5:07pm
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My C6 A6 coupe consumer information sticker (not the normal window sticker)says 80% U.S./Canada content. I asked my host if that meant by mass (weight) or parts content. We both could only guess it means by parts number content. Does anybody know? Also what is the parts content for the coupe MN6 cars? I believe the convertibles with power top have that material made in Germany because the Caddy's is.

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North American Content? (2/2)
 6/5/07 10:20am
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It's not by weight. There are lots of parts on all Vettes that come from overseas sources . Start with brakes, and end with all the invisible parts like all the passive electronics in the control modules/computers. There are two sources for all those magnetic items and chip capacitors - both are Japanese. There isn't one pure domestic auto produced anywhere in the World. That said, I buy cars assembled in North America with high NA content. We all have a vested interest in keeping American and Canadians working.
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