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Topic: Z06 and me

in Forum: C6 Z06 Discussion

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Z06 and me (1/5)
 7/23/09 7:09pm
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Port Orange, FL - USA

Former 2007 Z06, Silver/Black, original owner of a 1963 Z06. Sold at B/J 2006,former 2006 Z51

Joined: 7/16/2009
Posts: 3

Hi everone,

I did  not know of this board until a few days ago, when you are 68 years old somethings slow down.  Well my car has not slowed down one bit.  I still love the feel of being pushed back into the seat as my car rockets forward.  I now have a 2007 Z06 which I took delivery of in Oct 2006.  This is the ultimate car for me.
I purchase a 1963 Corvette Z06 in Oct 1962, took delivery of it on June 4, 1963 the day before graduating college.  I really enjoyed the car from day one until I sold it in 2006.  NCRS people tell me that I was the last of the original owners of the Legendary Z06.  I bought the car so I could have have the fastest car available at the time.  I had been drag racing and racing Stock Outboard class power boats since I was 14 years old.  So I just loved speed.  I was going to race the '63 even buying wider mag wheels and racing tires but for some reason I will never know I never raced the car on the track, did do some street racing though.
My brother and I did build a race car that eventually was towed to the track with the 1963 Z06, I was clocked at over 125MPH on the NY Thruway towing a trailer coming home from racing in upstate New York. 
I loved to drive the car, racking over 210,000 miles before deciding to replace the carpets which had large holes in them.  Well, just about the time I started to replace the carpets I met a Corvette guy that was really into Z06 Corvettes.  He convinced me that I should restore the car to factory look.  I was lucky I had saved the original wheels, tires, fan belts and anything else that I had removed from the car.  I even had the origianl battery which was used by restoration company as a sample.  I had only painted race cars and boats so this was all new to me.  I did OK and started to show the car which had become a trailer queen.  I was invited to the first Bloomington Special Collection and while there received a Bloomington Gold.  I also showed the car with NCRS and received the Duntov Award and then the car was invited to Chip's Choice at Carlisle and twice to the Field of Dreams at the winter NCRS show in Orlando, Fl. 
It got to the point where I could not drive the car on the street with out some fool nearly running us off the road.  I made the descision to sell the car but no to be without a Z06.  I did sell the car in early 2006 at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale.  I ordered a new Z06 which I thought would be a 2006 but the wait was so long I had to wait until Oct when I took delivery at the museum.  To fill in I purchased a 2006 Z51 coupe which I traded in on the Z06 and was surprised to not losing much on the transaction.
The new Z06 is a much more pleasant car to drive.  The '63 did not have a radio or anyother creature comforts.  The '07 not only is pleasant to drive but also is a lot faster and handles a lot better in all conditions.  I plan on keep this car also for 40+ years which will make me 107 years old, LOL.
If anyone has any questions or just want to talk feel free to continue this thread. You can see a picture of the 1963 Z06 on my web site at www.aeroliner-boats.com
David Van Weele 
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Z06 and me (2/5)
 3/14/10 2:29am
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Joined: 12/16/2009
Posts: 2

Great story! Your 63Z is the reson I have an 08Z
Z06 and me (3/5)
 4/9/10 6:37pm
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A black 2007 Z06 with a Synergy Stage 2 performance kit installed raising the specs to 550 HP and 505 ft/lbs of torque.

Joined: 4/9/2010
Posts: 4

Great story!  thanks for sharing.

I bought my '07 Z06 last summer as a sort of self-given gift of celebration on my divorce. - It was ugly and I'll just say that I know exactly how Sandra Bullock feels these days. - Anyway I owned a Z51 C4 years ago, but this Z06, which has a Synergy Stage 2 performance kit installed that in addition to everything else includes a taller cam and lowered suspension, is basically the culmination of the every hot rodded car I've ever owned.  I love the way it sounds,  (I leave the baffels switch set to open.) Its gorgeous, I love the color, black and most of all I love the way it pins me to the seat whenever I get on it.
I don't don't what the top speed of this now 550 HP 505 ft/lbs beast is, but I'd love to find out someday. I hit 140 mph in forth gear before I even knew it just test driving it.  And on a drive to Las Vegas across the Mojave Desert it cruised along almost too easily at 100 mph while turning just 2200 RPM. 
This car is my "forever" car  and I've told my oldest son that when I die he'll need to bury me in it because there's no way they'll be able to pry my cold dead hands off the steering wheel.  I'm taking it with me.  :-)
Re: Z06 and me (4/5)
 9/2/12 7:40pm
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Bend, OR - USA

My Vette is a Victory Red 2008 Z06 and I love it!

Joined: 9/1/2012
Posts: 2

Great story! I recently bought my first Corvette for my 50th birthday, a 2008 Victory Red Zo6!

 Ive been in love with the Corvette since I saw my first one when I was in grade school. Since then I've been waiting until most of life's expectations have been completed to finally purchase my dream car.

My dream Vette has always been the '67 435hp coupe, but after test driving a '09 automatic yellow roadster I knew I had to have a C6. The power and handling were unimaginable prior to me driving that car. Knowing myself, I wouldn't be happy with the base Corvette.

So I set out to find a Zo6. And as luck would have it I found my baby "Lucille". She was two years old and only had 707 miles on her. She had only been driven three times, then put away covered up in the garage. The gentleman I purchased her from Loved the car, but he was a bigger fellow of sorts and was to big to comfortably drive her. To make a long story short, she was mine a few days later.

Now Lucille is four years old, has a little over 26k miles on her, a full compliment of ZR1 carbon fiber and a Edelbrock 670HP supercharged 427 that all fits under the unsuspecting stock hood! I just had to be able to give those ZR1 boys a run for their money.

It's rather fun having a ZR1 guy look at me in my Zo6 with a smile on his face, then the funny look on his face when I take him! I love it!!

Granted, it would be nice to own a ZR1 since GM made less of them, but dollar for dollar I'll gladly and proudly take Lucille out any night of the week and she'll be happy to eat most anything out there!

The rest is history.
Re: Z06 and me (5/5)
 9/4/12 11:28am
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2001 Intimidator Corvette Coupe, Torch Red, 6 speed, 17K miles

Joined: 5/16/2003
Posts: 185

Speedwrench23 - You never drove a C6 until you drove a convertible ... said "the power and handling were unimaginable" ... then said you "wouldn't be happy" with the car?   WOW!

2001 Intimidator Coupe, 19K miles
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