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Topic: New Feature! Add Your Corvette Story

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New Feature! Add Your Corvette Story (1/1)
 5/9/19 10:10pm
Adam Wartell
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A new feture has been added to the site called "My Story"!

You can share the story of your Corvette including text & pictures.  Tell everyone how you came to own your Corvette, how long you've owned it, what you've done to it since you've owned it, what you plan to do to it, etc.

You can create, modify and add to your story at any time.

Have more than one Corvette? You can add pictures and text for all of them on the same page!

Just go to "My Story" on the "Account" menu.

You'll find instructions there on how to add your story, see your story, and share your story with the world. 

When creating your story, if you want to add a list of your Vette's info (as in the example below), click the "Insert Template" button on the screen where you'll add your story. (Only available on desktop). 

If you have any comments or questions about this new feature, please let me know!

As an example, here is my (very simple) story:


You can see a list of members that have posted stories by going to "Member Stories" under the "Members" menu.

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