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Topic: Aftermarket replacement GPS/Stereo

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Aftermarket replacement GPS/Stereo (1/5)
 8/24/10 9:20am
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I was wondering whether anyone could recommend a replacement GPS/Stereo head that would replace the one I have in my 2010 Grand Sport.  I would love for it to have the following features:
     1.  A rear view camera with a wide view to be used at all times, not just backing.
             A.  Prefer the capability to split the screen between GPS and Camera.                                      B.  Wireless camera would be preferred.
     2.  Bluetooth.
     3.  Capability to use a USB memory stick.
     4.  A seperate function key to be able to bypass the exhaust when you wanted (I have the NPP)
     5.  Possibility to watch DVD's when parked.
     6.  Traffic updates.
I realize that this is a tall order, but believe there is something out there that may fit the bill.  Who knows maybe Apple will make a IPAD that fits the slot and will have all these and even more functions.  Thanks in advance for your time.
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Aftermarket replacement GPS/Stereo (2/5)
 8/25/10 4:10pm
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Copperas Cove, TX - USA

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I'm not sure about a replacement, but I would be interested in buying the one you take out if your going to sell it. Just drop me a note when you get it changed.
Aftermarket replacement GPS/Stereo (3/5)
 8/31/10 1:09pm
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Pioneer has a unit that will fit and has your list of features. The main issue is no support for the Head Up display.
Aftermarket replacement GPS/Stereo (4/5)
 9/3/10 1:21pm
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2001 Intimidator Corvette Coupe, Torch Red, 6 speed, 17K miles

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I would suggest you contact Dennis (Double D Mods), in Wisconsin (dennis -AT- doubledmods -DOT- com).  He does a LOT of stereo work on C5's and C6's, and is on CF forum

2001 Intimidator Coupe, 19K miles
Aftermarket replacement GPS/Stereo (5/5)
 9/10/10 8:02pm
Capt. Eddie
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Bush, LA - USA

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I have to agree about the Pioneer. I recently installed the AVH-4200DVD in my C6. This unit will do most but will not split the screen or function on the HUD. As far as the NPP exhaust, check out the "Mild to Wild" which has a remote to switch the exhaust at any given time.
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