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Inside Trunk Area (1/2)
 8/20/04 12:42am
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Under the trunk lid you find a spacious, by Corvette standards, storage area. Since the car is outfitted with the new generation Goodyear Runflat tires, there is no need to take up space with a spare tire. In its place is an adequate cargo storage area. There are two additional small below-floor storage bins, complete with hinged covers, on either side. These were made possible by moving the dual mufflers to the center and into an area where the indentation for a spare tire might be found. The thoughtful use of space is even more important with high-performance sports cars. Why let the car sit in the garage when you need a little cargo space for your weekend trip?

source: LVM
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Re: Inside Trunk Area (2/2)
 8/8/12 8:50pm
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Luggage tie down would be a nice addition  

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