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Topic: 1985 Vette For Sale

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1985 Vette For Sale (1/2)
 7/6/10 11:51am
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Reddick, FL - USA

2010 GS Coupe Crystal Red 1985 C4 Coupe Dk Brnz 1985 C4 Coupe Black

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1985 Corvette 9.5 outside 9.2 inside. Rare color Dk Bronze. Car runs great - everything works.
Have 7K invested you can byu it for $7000.00
Took a trip to Bowling Green in June in this car.
I now have 3 vetts and wife says one must go.
Pictures at http://rockridgefarm.com


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1985 Vette For Sale (2/2)
 7/8/10 2:07pm
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2001 Intimidator Corvette Coupe, Torch Red, 6 speed, 17K miles

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Hello - Consider adding more pertinent information (mileage, service history, what you spent 7K on - and when, etc) ... as well as a direct link to the pictures.  It's a bit of a workout to get to the exact location for proper pics.  Smile

2001 Intimidator Coupe, 19K miles
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