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Topic: '91 ZR-1 for sale

in Forum: Non-C6 Vette For Sale/Wanted

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'91 ZR-1 for sale (1/2)
 7/9/03 4:07pm
fire ball
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'03 spirel grey light oak/light oak convertible with every option. Also '91 competition yellow/blk ZR-1 with many performance upgrades

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yellow/blk (1/39) has both tops, 31,800 miles, mint show room condition in/out. Many upgrades & performance enhancements. MUST BE SEEN. asking $35,000.00
"E" mail me at yellozzr1@comcast.net...my name is Jerry |wavey|
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'91 ZR-1 for sale (2/2)
 12/11/04 2:00pm
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Bend, OR - USA

2001 Quicksilver Roadster /HUD LGM headers/x-pipe, Corsa Indy Pacecar/strobe lights, VERTICAL DOORS Maya 19 and 20" wheels, slotted/drilled rotors, custom interior, silver metallic seats z06 CLUTCH, SWAY BARS & SHOCKS. HOT ICE

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Jerry, did you sell your yellow Zr-1?
I know your post is very old...just checking.

Yellow seems a rare color for a ZR-1.

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