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Topic: Wanted: Pinball Machine

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Wanted: Pinball Machine (1/3)
 12/15/03 1:26am
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White Plains, MD - USA

75 white

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Looking for a cheap and functional full size real deal arcade style pinball machine. I've known a couple of arcade owners that lost their buisnesses and were selling the machines for less than $100 just to pay off rent and such. However I've never had "that much" money when the opportunities were around. Now I've got about that(Hooray for Christmas). Hoping that maybe someone knows of someone or something. Not too particular about condition as long as I can play! Love the ones with the little ramps too!

Please reply here or send an e-mail to paragon75stingray@hotmail.com if you have information that could lead to me having a new pinball machine!

Thanks!! |cheers| |cheers|

Big Kid With A Vette!
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Wanted: Pinball Machine (2/3)
 12/21/03 12:58pm
Adam Wartell
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Eagleville, PA - USA

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Wanted: Pinball Machine (3/3)
 5/14/04 12:51am
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2001 Intimidator Corvette Coupe, Torch Red, 6 speed, 17K miles

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I agree! www.TNTamusements.com

Their commercials are a bit hokey ... but they've got the goods!

2001 Intimidator Coupe, 19K miles
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