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Topic: 15% off 2023 C6VR Member Calendar until 3/10/2023!

in Forum: Official C6 Vette Registry News and Information

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15% off 2023 C6VR Member Calendar until 3/10/2023! (1/3)
 3/6/23 9:52am
Adam Wartell
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Eagleville, PA - USA

1979 "Corvette Red" Coupe

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The 2023 C6VR Member Calendar is now available for purchase!

Below are a list of the members that were selected to be featured in the 2023 calendar:

January: Diana'sVette - 2009 Jetstream Blue LS3
February: sfiorito52 - 2007 Victory Red LS2
March: Jimmyz - 2012 Supersonic Blue LS7 Z06
April: RKH2012Z16 - 2012 Blade Silver LS3, Grand Sport Heritage Pkg
May: teamparmer - 2007 Monterey Red Metallic
June: MMRDL - 2012 Inferno Orange LS3
July: manget1 - 2008 Jetstream Blue Metallic
August: ibgolfr - 2009 Velocity Yellow
September: Dennis Windjack - 2012 Red LS3 Grand Sport
October: 2013GS - 2013 Night Race Blue Metallic, 60th Anniversary
November: BigT - 2012 Carlisle Blue LS3 Grand Sport
December: chihbin2000 - 2013 Grand Sport

Thanks to everyone that submitted pictures!


  • We sell the calendars through Lulu.com. When you place your order, you are placing your order via Lulu.com and not C6VR.com.  We can not assist you with your order or shipping information.
  • Lulu.com often offers discount/promo codes. We will do our best to post their current offer in this thread as they release new ones. You can purchase now or wait for a better offer that may or may not come in the following days or weeks. If you place an order today and a better offer is released shortly thereafter you may not be able to apply the updated offer to your existing order. C6VR has no control over when these discounts are released or how much they are! See below for their current offer that we are aware of.
  • Once you place your order, it can take up to 2 weeks or more (depending on your shipping method selected) to receive your order, so keep that in mind if you want to receive your order in time for the holidays.


15% off, through March 10, 2023 by using code: COOKBOOKS15 at checkout

To Place An Order:

Here is a preview of each page in the 2023 C6VR Member Calendar:














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Re: 2023 C6VR Member Calendar now available! (2/3)
 11/11/22 2:23am
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West Burke, VT - USA

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Jim Olson 

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Re: 2023 C6VR Member Calendar now available! (3/3)
 11/11/22 7:09am
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Indianapolis, IN - USA

1974 L82 4 speed Silver Mist Corvette Convertible and 2008 3LT Jetstream Blue Convertible

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Looks good!  

I wanted a Corvette my whole life, but I never dreamed of all the wonderful people I would meet because of it!

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