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Topic: C6VR News for 10/5/2023

in Forum: Official C6 Vette Registry News and Information

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C6VR News for 10/5/2023 (1/1)
 10/5/23 11:10am
Adam Wartell
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Eagleville, PA - USA

1979 "Corvette Red" Coupe

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See your Forum Likes

You may have noticed recently that a count of your Forums Likes (given and received) was added to both the Forum Main Page and also Forum Update Emails (if you are subscribed to those).  But up until now, you could only see the number.

Now, you can see exactly which posts that you gave likes to and which of your posts received likes!

You can see the most recent 50 posts in each group by going to "My Forum Likes" under the "Account" menu.  You can also click on either number from the forum main page, as shown above.

The same will be true of Forum Update Emails as well.

You can start, change or stop your Forum Update Email subscription in the "Email Options" section at the bottom of Your Profile.

If you have any questions about this new feature, please let us know.


We Need your C6 Photos!

It's that time again!  Time to start routing through photos of your Vette (or taking new ones) to submit for consideration in our 2024 C6VR Member Calendar.

We will be putting together a 2024 C6VR Member Calendar. It will be a 12 Month Calendar featuring C6VR Members' C6s! 

We need your photos!!!

Click here to read the rules for submission and find the link to submit your photos.

Submission deadline is 10/31/2023!

C6VR Shirts: $5 off!

The VR Apparel Store opened recently to get rid of remaining inventory.

Get $5 off regular price on each shirt, plus free shipping on orders $45 or more!

As of this newsletter being sent, we only have the following sizes remaining:

  • Small - 2 remaining
  • Medium - 5 remaining
  • Large - 8 remaining
  • XL - 8 remaining

Click here to start shopping while supplies last and get FREE shipping on orders $45 or more!


Are you a top poster?

Find out who posts most often in the C6VR forums.

Is it you?

Above is a snapshot of the list as of 9/14/2023 as an example.

Click here to see the up to the minute entire top 100

(You can always access this list from the "Forums" menu).


Our C6 ebay directory is back!

This was one of our most popular features, but it had disappeared for a while. But now it's back!

If you're been around here awhile, you may remember the ebay parts directory we offered. It was a big hit among members!  We were unable to provide it for the past few years, but today it's back!

You can always find the "C6 Corvette Parts Auctions on ebay" link under the "Shop" menu on our site. 

Check it out now!


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