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New Mobile-Friendly site (1/1)
 4/18/19 8:24pm
Adam Wartell
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If you're been poking around on the new (in-progress) Mobile-Friendly site, please reply to this thread to leave your feedback on how it is working for you.

If you are using a mobile device, please tell me what kind. If you are using a desktop, please tell me which browser.

Please keep in mind - MANY pages still do not work. So if you click a link and get a 404 error, that should not surprise you. It just means you hit a page I haven't converted yet. You don't need to let me know about those. Simply find something else to try. You can use the list below as a guide.

As I convert more areas to the new site, I will keep a list here.  

The areas for everyone that now work:


  • Forum Listing ("Community Forums" on the menu)
  • Forum Topic Listing (When you click on a forum name)
  • Forum Message View (When you click on a forum topic)
  • Forum Message New/Edit/Reply (When you add/edit/reply a topic)
  • Forum Search
  • 24 Hour Active Thread List

The areas only for members that now work:

The areas only for new members that now work:


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