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Topic: Welcome to the new mobile-friendly C6VR.com!

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Welcome to the new mobile-friendly C6VR.com! (1/3)
 5/1/19 9:48am
Adam Wartell
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C6VR.com has been converted to a new "responsive" mobile-friendly site!

"Responsive" is the technical term meaning that the site will automatically adjust its size and layout based on the device and size of the screen being used to view it.

So, for instance, if you are on desktop, you'll see the menu items spread across the top of the page, but if you are on cell phone, you'll see the "hamburger" menu (three lines) at the top right of the page.

Converting the site took a LOT of work. I built and wrote the code for C6VR.com myself to make it very custom to the needs of the site and its members. That meant there was no out-of-the-box solution to replace the old site with a new "responsive" design.  I had to recode every single page to make it happen.

Technically, I'm not done yet, but I couldn't wait to get it up and running for everyone.  The majority of features are now active. I have a few left to go.  So you might click on a menu item and nothing happens. Or you may click on a link and get a "Page not found (404 error)" message. I'm working to get the rest of the pages converted ASAP.

I really hope you like the new site!  

I welcome your feedback and thoughts on the new site.

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Re: Welcome to the new mobile-friendly C6VR.com! (2/3)
 5/1/19 11:29am
Black Shark
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Re: Welcome to the new mobile-friendly C6VR.com! (3/3)
 5/1/19 11:56am
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Ellicott City, MD - USA

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So far it looks great.  I'm still exploring but the layout works for me.

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