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Topic: [Effingham, IL] Funfest 2006, 9/15-17/06

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[Effingham, IL] Funfest 2006, 9/15-17/06 (1/3)
 8/10/06 3:53pm
Adam Wartell
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Eagleville, PA - USA

1979 "Corvette Red" Coupe

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Who's going to be at Funfest 2006?
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[Effingham, IL] Funfest 2006, 9/15-17/06 (2/3)
 8/10/06 6:22pm
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'05 Vette with chrome wheels and Billy Boat exhaust.

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I might go. I'm here in St. Louis. Not to far away. Check out his museum. He's got the Deathrace 2000 Corvette and what looks like the Corvette from Corvette Summer. We are making plans to go and film in the Museum for our show.

Wrap your ass in fiberglass!
[Effingham, IL] Funfest 2006, 9/15-17/06 (3/3)
 1/7/08 1:44pm
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Twin Lakes, CO - USA

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I'll be the C3VR/C6VR "official representative" at Funfest this year as Adam is unable to attend.

Please stop by the C3VR/C6VR booth and say "hello!". |wavey| And if you can spare a couple of hours we could use some help in the booth greeting folks and talking to them about the clubs.


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