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Topic: Join C6VR at Mid America's FunFest in September 2014!

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Join C6VR at Mid America's FunFest in September 2014! (1/1)
 4/11/14 10:37am
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For all of you considering attending Mid America’s FunFest this September, they’ve made easy work of registering and ensuring you get to park with all of the other Vette Registry (C3VR, C4VR, C6VR) members!


If you already registered at last year’s FunFest, then you’re all set and we’ll see you there.  If not, click the following link, and it will take you to the Club Registration page on their website.




You may be surprised at first as it takes you immediately to “Step 2,” and not step 1, but my understanding is that step 1 would have been the selection of club parking and defining your club.


Step 2 - Select your shirt size; let them know if you’ll be attending the Fun Run Thursday night; if you plan on attending seminars (you don’t need to define which ones and when just yet); and if you’re a Veteran (and if so, of what service).


Step 3 – add any “extras” you may want.  These include extra goodie bags, t-shirts, special events, etc


Step 4 – review your purchase (it will confirm here that you are registering as a member of C3VR, C4VR or C6VR (all are lumped together for the purposes here).


Step 5 – Your information – if you’re a customer of MAM and have a e-mail address on file (and can remember it and your password), enter it and the site will recognize your info and populate it.  If you’re new to the game, please put your info in here.


Step 6 – Checkout.  For some reason, at the end of this form is where you’ll put your car info (not in step 5).  This is also where you pay up.  Trust me, $25 is a bargain for the weekend activities and seeing old friends (prices will vary if you’ve added extras).  Once you’ve entered your info, click on “Submit Your Order,” and you’re all set!!  Shortly afterwards, you’ll get a confirmation e-mail from MAM.


Are we there yet?!?

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